SEPT 18 Pickleball WWC Courts

Sept 21 Bus Mtg

​Note: For this date only Meet & Greet at 5 pm - Dinner at 5:30

Oct 15-16 Fall District 1, 2 &. 5 Fall Conference Johnstown NY Holiday Inn

Oct 5 Bd Mtg

Oct 19 Bus Mtg Venue TBD

Nov 2 Bd mtg

Nov 16 Bus Mtg

Nov 20 girl rule

Dec Christmas party TBD* Venue TBD

JAN 4 Bd mtg

JAN 18 bus mtg

Feb 1 bd mtg

Feb 15 bus mtg

March 1 bd mtg

MARCH 15 bus mtg

April 5 bd mtg

April 19 bus mtg

May 3 bd mtg

May 17 bus mtg

    June 5 Fashion show (venue TBD)

June 7 bd mtg

June 21 bus mtg

Christmas Party Survey

Washington Inn

Do you plan to attend? If you check "no" please let us know why in the comment box.

 Business Meetings Conducted at The Grand Hotel

​Cape May

5:30 pm Meet & Greet    6:00 pm Dinner

Board Meetings Conducted at 


of Cape May County